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Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners To Maximize Earning

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners To Maximize Earning
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Affiliate marketing is one of the trending business nowadays. It’s a win-win business for affiliate marketer and advertiser. For the advertiser, they can pay only when someone drives traffic and give them leads and for the marketer, they don’t need to create their own product just promote others products for good commissions. In affiliate marketing, you earn a steady income every month without doing many things even some case without a website, but you have to select the best affiliate programs to maximize your earning. In this affiliate marketing programs for beginners guide we will learn what is the best affiliate programs for beginners that will increase your revenue instantly.

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners To Maximize Earning
See the Infograph below to understand how affiliate marketing work.

So before we learn what is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, let’s learn which type of affiliate program are exist and how you can get commissions from them. There are numbers of a type of affiliate programs are exist nowadays but most of them are filling into these main categories.

This is one of the most popular affiliate marketing category for beginner marketers. 80% of the beginners including me are at least try 1 time to monetize their content with PPC Ads. This PPC model is working very simple way advertiser place ads to get traffic to their website and they can pay only when they can get visitors to their website. In other hand, marketers are placing the PPC Ads to their website and when someone clicks on that ad they get paid. This how the PPC Ads is working.
Pay-Per-Leads: This affiliate marketing category is working like the same way that PPC work but with one small change instead of clicks it works with leads. That mean advertiser places their ads for per leads basis and they can pay only they get a lead for their offers. And affiliate gets paid when they bring one lead for the advertiser offers. For PPL offers commission are bigger than the PPC sometimes you earn more than $10-$20/lead.
Pay-Per-Sales: This is also a popular category in affiliate marketing. And commission even bigger than the previous two categories. In this category advertiser place ads for generating sales, and they only pay when then get sales. And affiliate is promoted advertiser products to their website or blog visitors to generate sales in order to get paid. They get paid per sales basis but the commission is bigger in this category as I mentioned before, sometimes you get up to 75% commission of the total product price, and not only that some advertiser will give commission on upsells. So there is a chance to earn big in this category.

So now we know the different types of affiliate marketing category that exist, now move on our main subject best affiliate marketing programs for beginners that will increase your website revenue.

Ok, so I’m going to the each and every category that I listed above and show you some high paying affiliate programs in each category.

So let’s start with our first category PPC. As I mention this is one of the most popular categories and 80% of the beginner affiliate marketer are try to monetize their website or blog using PPC ads, but the problem is if you don’t choose the right PPC network that will not generate you much revenue from your website. So here are some best affiliate programs [PPC] that will surely increase your website revenue.

Google Adsense: When it come to monetize your website using PPC ads than one network will kick-off everything which is google Adsense. Google-owned self-hosted PPC ads network for website owners. They have millions of advertiser into their platform and they will pay you $$$ per click.

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners- Google Adsense
They have almost every type of categories of ads, and they can serve ads only on interest basis so there is a chance to getting more clicks and earn more revenue from your current visitors.
Go to https://www.google.com/adsense/ and click on the signup button to register with the program then on the next page fill up your personal and your website information and submit the application and wait for some time they will let you know if you are getting approve to their program or not. When you are approved you can place their code into your website and google will start serving ads based on your visitor interest.

Note: Getting approve into google Adsense is a bit difficult, they have very strict rules and policy. So before you sign up make sure your website is setup correctly according to their policy.

Here is a list of more pay-per-click high paying affiliate programs that will increase your website revenue.

Now let’s move onto our next category PPL [Pay – Per – Lead], and see some best affiliate programs into that category. As I mentioned before PPL work per lead basis that means as an affiliate marketer you have to generate leads in order to get paid in another hand you also find some good PPL affiliate network to earn most from your hard work.

So here are some high paying affiliate programs in this category that will increase your earning.

Commission Junction: Commission Junction or in short CJ is a popular name in affiliate marketing. They have thousand of advertiser and affiliates into their network. And their payment is higher than any other network. The signup process is simple just go to the http://www.cj.com/ and click on the free publisher signup and register your basic information and then submit the application they will review your application and approve you as an affiliate to their network and after that, you are start promoting their advertiser offer in order to get paid. They also give a dedicated affiliate manager for every affiliate into their network so you can ask your affiliate manager for high converting offers and promote them to maximize your revenue.

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners CJ

They also have a wide range of offer in almost any category so no matter what type of website you have you can promote relevant offers to your existing audience that can increase conversion rate.

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners CJ 2

Also, they give you different tools for the different type of websites for an example if you have a deal website they give you coupons to promote offers if you have software download website they give you tools and extension to put your offer into that. CJ will give you more flexibility to promote their offer and earn revenue. They also give rewards to their best performing affiliates.

Note: Before you want to promote their offers read their affiliate TOS first, different networks have their different TOS and if you violated them they will ban your account without further notice.

Here are some more high paying affiliate programs that maximize your earning.

Now move to our next category PPS [Pay – Per – Sale] high paying affiliate programs that will maximize your earning.

As I mentioned before the commission is bigger in this category but you have to choose the right network and offers to earn big. There are lots of affiliate marketer are promote PPS offers and earn 5-6 figures per month but they can only work with some good network that has some good offers to promote and that help them to earn that big cheque every month. So in this category, this is very important to work with the right networks that will pay most of your hard work.

Clickbank: No matter you are beginner or expert in affiliate marketing I’m pretty sure that you hear about Clickbank affiliate program. They are one of the top 100 affiliate networks in the world and have over 200 million customers worldwide. They have thousand of offers in almost every category. And their commission is the highest in the industry. Most of the offer pay you 75% commission per sale, which is almost $50+ per sale on Avg.

Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners CB

To join Clickbank affiliate program is a simple and easy process just goes to the http://www.clickbank.com/ and register as an affiliate. There is no account review process so whenever you signup as an affiliate you are ready to promote their offers. They also provide you the details analytics of every product so that you can choose the right product that converts and give you maximum earning.

Note: Before you promote any offers take a look at the landing page of the offer and also do check the conversion rate of that offer so you get the idea how much ROI you will get to promote this offer.

Here are some more high paying affiliate programs in this PPS category that will maximize your earning potential.

This is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners which will increase your earning in no time but before you want to promote any offers in any network read their TOS very carefully and try to closely follow their TOS.

Final word: Affiliate marketing is not a make money overnight business, you have to spend some to find the best offers and then also spend the time to promote the offers in order to get the commission. But in affiliate marketing there is a huge chance to maximize your earning, if you play harder then you can archive 5 or 6 or 10 figures per month within no time.

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