BuzzSumo Review: How To Find Blog Content Ideas

BuzzSumo Review: How To Find Blog Content Ideas
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If you are running a blog then you know how important the content is, I remember there is quote say “Content Is King” and that’s a million dollar quote. Content is really king for your blog. It is a very very important thing when you are running a blog. People may want to visit your blog again and again when you are creating engaging content on a daily basis. But there are a lot of people googling each and every day “how to find blog content ideas”, “how to find engaging content” blah blah blah…

Because creating content is a bit difficult actually it a bit of a puzzle game. You don’t know which one people may want to like and which one they don’t like.
So you are in a middle space where you don’t know if your hard work will pay you off or not.

So this is why I create this post, into this post I am going to show you how to find content ideas for your blog that people may want to learn, that people may want to read, that people may want to know.

And if you can write those content into your blog, you get more additional traffic instantly, why? because you are in the trading line, you are writing those content that people may want to learn, people they want to read, people may want to share.

So let’s get started! Shall we?

I’m going to use a tool to find a blog topic idea and the tool called BuzzSumo. This is a fantastic tool to finding a viral blog topic or a website topic that are currently trading.

That means people are searching for them, people are actually liking for them, people are sharing them. So if you write those content into your blog you’ll get traffic in no time.

So how to use BuzzSumo? but before I give a physical overview of the tool I must say this is a costly tool. Because BuzzSumo is not free it cost you money, just go to their pricing tab and you will see their pricing. and this is a bit costly tool if you can go to their monthly package, the monthly pro package start from $99 per month which is a bit costly.

But if you have money then I highly recommend you invest that money into this pro plan and in no matter of time, you will get your money back. I guarantee that.
Because BuzzSamo is an awesome tool, it instantly increases your website traffic by giving you hot and viral content ideas for your website or blog. So if you can write those content into your blog then no matter of time your blog traffic will instantly increase and you will get your money back.

So if you have money just invest into their pro plan.

But before you purchased their pro plan you can try BuzzSumo free for limited time. So let’s see that.

When you visit BuzzSumo website you will see a big search box say enter your topic, domain name, or a keyword whatever you want. For an example just search for content marketing, wait for some time and BuzzSumo app will give you a visual idea what type of things into this content marketing niece are currently trading that what other are writing about this topic and what people actually may want to see, they actually want to share.

BuzzSumo Review: How To Find Blog Content Ideas Imge_1

Now as you can see BuzzSumo will show you the top trading articles into this content marketing niche and on the right-hand side, you will find the social engagement for those post.

BuzzSumo Review: How To Find Blog Content Ideas Imge_2

This will give you a visual idea that what type of post are people may want to like and what type of post they don’t like.

You will get a visual idea how many people are may want to like this post are from Facebook, how many of them are on LinkedIn, how many of them are from Twitter, how many of them are from Pinterest and how many are from Google+.

And also give you a total number of share of the post. So this will give you a very good idea that is this content are hot or not.

So you get a visual idea about a trading content which is currently trading on the internet, You also can filter the date by using their search filter point, you can filter by 24 hours, past week, past month, last six month or past year. By default past year will be selected. But you can change that anytime.

Now when you find the right article that you are looking for check their total shares and filter those who have maximum shares in social media. Because people are sharing them because people are liking them. Read those article and see how those content creators are written those article that people are loving them and sharing them with social media.

So you get a visual idea what you may want to write to your blog post how you have to put this content marketing keyword into your title description and what information you will be given to your visitor that they want to share in social media.

So this is how you can use BuzzSumo app to analyze the most viral content for almost any niche. This tool is a goldmine when you want to create a viral content.
Also this tool is very very helpful when you are written a content in a specific number of audience for an example if you are writing a content for Facebook audience that means if you want to share those content on Facebook and you want Facebook will drive traffic for you then total Facebook share option is pretty much helpful.
You have to identify how many Facebook share those type of content will get using BuzzSumo, find the most Facebook sharing content and write those type of content. In no matter of time, your content will viral on Facebook because those type of content are already trading in Facebook. So people are searching for them and if you share those type of content on Facebook you will get additional traffic from Facebook.

But before you want to write anything just read the top sharing content very carefully and analyze them very carefully then write your own content, and share them on Facebook. In no matter of time, you’ll get traffic.

So this is how you can use BuzzSumo to finding a hot content idea for your blog or website.

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