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How To Make Money Fast With CPA Marketing

How To Make Money Fast With CPA Marketing
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CPA stands for Cost Per Action. That means if you generate any action you’ll be paid for that, pretty simple! I notice there are lot’s of internet marketer, newbie entrepreneur search for quick money, they search for how to make money fast? Even if you go to google and type the word ‘How’ you’ll notice the first query is ‘how to make money online’.

That indicates there are lots of searches happen on that particular query each and every day. Even I get some email from my blog readers asking me the same thing. So I decided to create a post and share some easy ways to make money. I’m sure you already heard about affiliate marketing, as an affiliate marketer you get paid when you sell some one else products. Right?

Now meet CPA Marketing.

So what is CPA Marketing?

CPA Marketing is one form of affiliate marketing. And if you called it ‘CPA affiliate marketing’ you would not be wrong. But CPA Marketing works differently than the normal affiliate marketing. You could not generate any sales to get paid. If your redirect visitor makes any action you’ll get paid in CPA Marketing. That could be any action, simply just filling out a form, downloading a software, or submit their pin code etc.

Now just think what should be more converting? If you drive 2 visitors to two different offers one should buy any product to make you money and other are just submit their zip code or download any software to make you money. What you’ll think who make you money? 90% chance that 2nd visitor will make you money because they did not spend anything from their pocket just download some free program or just submit their zip code, and everyone loves free offers. That why CPA Marketing is one of the easy ways to make money online.

Now I know you are excited about CPA Marketing and you have lot’s of the question in your mind like:

What is the best CPA networks?
What is the best CPA offers?
Etc. Etc. Etc…..

Then take a deep breath and relax I’ll cover each and every thing in this post.

So what is the best CPA Network?

You are free to choose any CPA network of your choice. But here is a list of CPA network that I like:

1. CPA Lead: This is one of my favorite CPA Network. I like CPA Lead most out of the others. They have some good offers and their landing pages are high converting. And the best part is there is no new user approval waiting time you just signup and start making money in just minutes. Signup for CPA Lead here.

2. Peerfly: Peerfly is also a well known CPA Network. They have the highest paying CPA offers in their network. You can earn up to $20/lead their. They also have some good looking landing pages and they provide you friendly support too. But their approval process is very strict.

3. Maxbounty: Maxbounty is also one of my favorite CPA Network you can find lot’s of good offers their and their landing pages is high converting too. But they also have a very strict approval process.

There also have some other CPA Network like Adscend media, Click Booth, GlobalWide Media. You can try them too.

How To Get Approved By CPA Network?

Almost every CPA Network required approval before you promote their offers. There is no perfect answer that how you can get approved by CPA Network. But here are some tips that will help you to get approved.

Be honest and never lies when you signup for CPA network, give every detail that they want and also give your chat id or skype id, most of the CPA network will ask for an interview call before approve you. When they call you don’t tell anything that suspicious.

Tell every thing what they want. And also mention your website, it will increase your approval chance. If you don’t have any website tell them how you can promote their offers using email marketing, paid ads, youtube or any other ways. And that all you have to do. Trust me it will work and they can approve your account. Just wait for a couple of days and if you got rejected then move to another CPA network. Simple!

How To Make Money Fast With CPA Marketing?


Finally The CPA Method

The Method! Yaayaaaaa!!

There are lots of ways to make money with CPA marketing. You are free to try any of them but I believe in simplicity so my method is also simple. But it required some work. And nothing happened overnight.

nothing happened overnight

But if you closely follow this method you can easily earn $40-$50/day. Ok, so let’s start.

First of all, find some coupon forums. There are lot’s of them, here is an example:



slickdeals website

you can be used google to find the forums used this footprint “forum+your keyword” and you can find a lot of them in no time. Or you can use my list below.


Here is some couple of forums that I use. When you find some forums, first of all, go to similarweb.com and enter the URL of the forum and check that how much estimated traffic that the forum gets and identify those forums that have a good amount of traffic.

similarweb traffic estimate checker

Now once you have a list of good high traffic forums sign up each of them and make some posts at least 30-40 and gain some reputations, If you create high-quality posts then you will gain good reputations in no time.

once you have good reputations and some couple of posts go to your CPA network account and find some coupon or freebie related offers and add them as a signature in your forums profile like this.

how to add signature link

And that’s it keep posting on forums each day and you will see $$$ comes into your CPA accounts. Because those forums have a good amount of traffic and those forums post has received over 1000’s of views each day. Here is an example:

forum post example

So just think how many clicks you’ll get for those amount of views. And all of those visitors are directly relevant to your CPA offers. So you also get high conversion rate.

Just keep posting every day and see $$$ comes in.

Some of these forums allow you to have banners in the signature. And this is just gold mine for you. You can get even more conversion if you using banners instead of text links. Just quickly create a high converting banner using Canva and link them into your signature.

These are the easy ways to make money with CPA marketing. And if you follow all the steps above you can make $40-$50/day easily.

But as I mention before this method needs some work. So before you ask how to earn money fast? Put some of your time to work and see the $$$ comes in.

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